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My name is Thea Wood

I'm a certified image consultant who wants to help you take control of your personal image!

What Is The Intentional Makeover?

It's More Than Just Your Body Type

Your Style Profile (the combination of your wardrobe, grooming, and body language) is the foundation for your makeover. Your Style Profile is influenced by your goals, values, culture, body architecture, and lifestyle. If your wardrobe is in line with these elements, you'll FEEL the difference. Others will SEE the difference and you'll attract the people and opportunities you desire as a result. This is the power of a Signature Style.  

Why Buy The Book?

If you want to start your transformation NOW, then The Intentional Makeover is easy to follow in a workbook format that keeps you on track. My in-person styling programs are customized and intensive, and the fees reflect that scope. The  five steps outlined in the e-book are based on the approach I use  in an AFFORDABLE package (a book!) that allows you to customize your Signature Style yourself.   

Want To Know More? Watch My TEDx Talk

I presented "What Is YOUR Style Profile?" at TEDx Talk UTAustin in 2018. You'll learn why it's so important to be intentional in your Style Profile decisions, and ways you can manipulate your profile for optimal results.